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my mind is a dreamcatcher
a series of intricate woven patterns of thought
so entangled and intertwined that any goal or aspiration gets caught in its crisscrossed web.
you cover yourself with thorns,
one for every time someone has hurt you
like a cape draped over the entirety of your body
and anyone who comes near enough to you
will suffer a pinprick laceration
forcing them to give you one drop of their life force
and they do that until they cannot take anymore of it
but that's what you want
you want them to bleed

you want to be eight-years-old
and making blood pacts on paper that say
'no matter how much you can't stand yourself,
i will.'
despite how much self-loathing you hold for yourself
that displays itself as hostility for the world
that they will never see you as you see yourself
i will slice open my skin and
i will sign your pact
i will never see you the way you see yourself.

you think you are corrupt in the very foundation of yourself
that your vile actions could never deserve love,
but that doesn't mean that you don't want it
that doesn't mean that you don't need it

so it's a trial
how much blood can they withstand to lose
how many injuries can they tolerate
how long will they really be there?
but the more you puncture people
the more thorns you have to grow to sustain your habit
cracking your skin and invading your body
and it's more painful for you than it is for them

so test me.
the average adult human can lose about
2.24 litres of blood before fatality
i would drain that amount from my veins right now for you
to prove that i would give you that much
to show you that you don't need to do this anymore
to show you how much i care about you.

i want to write you a letter and i want it to read
just stop.
i will never leave you.
i love you.
you don't need to do this.
i think the universe must have been laughing when We first met
to think it knew our path exactly what was laid out before Us.
and We were none the wiser.
the planets and stars all watching Us as We came closer and closer to colliding.

We are just molecules, atoms
destined to find each other and connect, become one
to shape each other
and We have been drifting ever so slowly from the day We came into existence toward each other.
when that day finally came that We first crossed each others path i bet every single star in the sky held its breath
and even then We didn't know.

so close but so far away, an unsuspected likelihood
and We inched our way into each others life with every time spent being around each other, or every thought We created about Us
every step closer to intertwining our destinies as one, but it was still uncertain if it was true
a myth, a whisper floating in the air
the grass, the trees, the insects on the leaves, the deer, the planets, the stars, all of the galaxies wondering
will they, won't they
is this it.

when We fell in love i think the whole universe stopped for a brief moment,
the wind stopped blowing, the water ceased to flow, everything was still and quiet
every living creatures heart stopped beating for a second, just one second.
everything that has ever happened or will ever happen was made for that moment
and all of it was unsure if that was going to be the end of the world or the very beginning
if everything would just end right there
because that is what every piece of time and every shred of matter was leading up to and We were bursting, being ignited

it was the beginning.
but even if it was the end it wouldn't have mattered
because now We will fulfill our destiny, the universes destiny,
for Us to live as one entity.
but even when We die We will be that, it knows no bounds

and when We are done living our human life together
We will perish and our bodies will be returned to the earth
and our souls will be returned to the universe as energy,
and even that energy will be one
We cannot ever be contained and We cannot ever be apart
entangled for all eternity in whatever form We choose to take for the time being

and maybe at some point We will exist as the universe
and then we will be laughing at ourself
and We will be the stars and We will be holding our breath
and We will be matter and We will burst
We are limitless, We are everlasting, We are infinite
We are the universe
a love story, true love.

Too many Pokemans

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 11:44 AM


Tell me when you fall in love with me.

Current Residence: Sherwood Park, Alberta

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